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The orientation session for people who’d like to volunteer in the FOLK Used Bookstore only takes an hour. The next session is Monday, August 14, at 10:00 a.m. in the bookstore. Those who complete the orientation may then assist in the bookstore during two-hour time periods on a weekly basis or as an occasional substitute when a regular helper is absent. To register for the orientation, click on BOOKSTORE above, choose VOLUNTEER, and then submit your bookstore volunteer form.

Online Bookstore Trivia

We like to keep our FOLK members busy, informed, and entertained.  Our online Bookstore is a very interesting part of what FOLK does, and is a real revenue generator for helping our Kingwood Library.  Test your FOLK-Smarts by trying this quiz.  We think its not only fun but will surprise you with what we do.  Don’t forget if you want to become a volunteer we’d love to have you.  Apply here.

Of course the real lesson behind all this is that we are nothing without your contributions.  Your books can be valuable!

Let us check them out before you decide to throw them out!