Please help our Kingwood Library Recover

Our library first floor was flooded during the storm.  The Children’s section along with the Friends (FOLK) used book store was severely damaged.

Money is needed to buy Children’s Books. Most of the children’s books have been destroyed. Donations would be appreciated. No books, please. Just money to buy children’s books.  We’ll keep posting as more is known.  At this point FOLK does not have a way of gathering used books to restock the store, but plans will be worked out.

You can donate by using the online link on this web site.


Book donations are being “paused” briefly until we can organize a collection mechanism.


It’s easy to donate online. Click here

if the online link doesn’t work…we’ve had some sporadic trouble, you can mail checks to:

P.O. Box 5353

kingwood, Texas 77325