Online Bookstore Trivia

We like to keep our FOLK members busy, informed, and entertained.  Our online Bookstore is a very interesting part of what FOLK does, and is a real revenue generator for helping our Kingwood Library.  Test your FOLK-Smarts by trying this quiz.  We think its not only fun but will surprise you with what we do.  Don’t forget if you want to become a volunteer we’d love to have you.  Apply here.

Of course the real lesson behind all this is that we are nothing without your contributions.  Your books can be valuable!

Let us check them out before you decide to throw them out!

Visit the FOLK Online Bookstore

FOLK runs an online bookstore for special donated books.  Our bookstore is hosted on Amazon, but managed by volunteers through our online operations here in Kingwood.  It is a large contributor of FOLK funds for our library.  Visit our online store and find something special.

FOLK is now on Facebook!

We’ve created a Facebook page to help promote FOLK and our mission to help the Kingwood Library.  We plan to keep posting items of interest on our page.  We hope you like it!

Click on the top menu items “FOLK on Facebook” to see the latest posts.

Folk Needs Volunteers

FOLK needs volunteers to work in the Used Bookstore every day, but especially on Saturdays (as little as one Saturday per month) or as a substitute when a regular helper is absent. All it takes to become a bookstore worker is a one-hour training that will be offered on Monday, March 20 at 10:00 a.m. in the bookstore. It consists of an orientation acquainting attendees with all aspects of the store. To register for this training, click here and fill out and submit the bookstore volunteer form so we can contact you.