Thank you Daisy Troop

Eight kindergarteners from Hidden Hollow Elementary, came together to support our library. Daisy Troop 117108 chose to donate to FOLK for their Winter Service Project by selling nuts and donating children’s books.

Thank you Simon & Schuster

As part of their program to offer relief assistance for public and school libraries and bookselling retailers that have been damaged in the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, Simon & Schuster donated 250 children’s books “Best of” titles to FOLK for our Kingwood library.

“When public or school libraries sustain devastating loss, the entire

community suffers” said Michelle Leo, Vice President, Director of Education & Library Marketing, Simon & Schuster. “Our book donation program is

intended to help affected libraries get back on their feet, and we look

forward to working with our longtime friends in libraries across Texas, as well as other local and national organizations to help facilitate a speedy recovery for these vital cornerstones of Texas communities.”

Donations From Everywhere!

FOLK continues to receive donations from across the country. The Teen Board of the Greene Public Library has sent us 442 books contributed by the Green, Iowa community. A local Kingwood resident and aunt of one of the Teen Board members received the six boxes of books from the Greene library and handed them over to a FOLK representative. FOLK will store the books until the Kingwood Branch Library reopens next year.

We Thank You

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and be thankful. Those of us who went through Harvey and either experienced loss or knew friends and neighbors who did, saw incredible acts of kindness. When our Kingwood Branch Library lost so much the outpouring of support by individuals and organizations in our community, as well as across the country, was simply astounding. In the spirit of the season we want to express our very heartfelt thank you to all who stepped forward, and continue to step forward to help.

There were hundreds of individuals who made cash donations totaling over $20,000. These same individuals donated over 7500 used books. Many of these individuals were from out of state.

Organizations such as HEB, Kinder Morgan, Tournament of Champions Charitable Trust, the Kingwood Civic Club and Northpark Animal Hospital, Southern Simplicity Crafts & Creations, Nimbus Brands, JoJo’s Fashion Boutique LLC, among others made generous contributions.

21 people bought commemorative pavers.

Two enterprising young ladies made a substantial cash contribution after selling their homemade Texas Strong decals.

One neighbor sold Kingwood Strong t-shirts to raise money.

Showcase Kingwood Food Truck Festival provided us with space to collect books, publicized the event, arranged storage for the donated books after the festival and even moved all those heavy boxes into that storage!

The Kingwood Girl Scouts collected a good number of books.

Reiffton School, Reading, PA made a donation

Salem, Indiana residents put together a book drive resulting in over 800 books

Pines Montessori School provided us with a large room to sort and organize our huge inventory of books

The staff of a public Library in Bismarck, North Dakota pulled together $250 for rebuilding our library

In addition to the cash and books donated there were countless hours of volunteer time, and a stream of requests to volunteer. Adding in all those we forgot to mention…and there were more…FOLK is very thankful this Thanksgiving. What a great neighborhood and world we live in!