Library Status – Sept 7

We’ll try to give you occasional status reports on the library as we go through the rebuilding process.  Before starting this first report however, we want to express our most heartfelt thank you to all who responded to our plea for contributions to help in this effort.  We had 60 people step forward and donate to this cause.  Thank you.

Library Status

We met this afternoon with Ryan Fennell, the Kingwood Branch Librarian.  A lot is still up in the air at this point, but here is what we know.  The first floor of the library was essentially a complete loss with about 36 inches of water.  This means they lost the Children’s section with computers and iPads in addition to books and furniture.  The FOLK used bookstore on the first floor was pretty well destroyed also.  Books on the second floor were moved out since the air conditioning wasn’t working and it was too humid to store books.

The process of estimating and bidding the re-build has started. As you might imagine this will take time.  Current estimates, which admittedly are very rough, are that the library might be able to re-open in January or February of next year.  Our Library was not the only one that suffered damage.  It wasn’t even the worst!

During the interim period before the library can open, they are looking for somewhere they might set up for minimal operations.  That MIGHT be in the community center, but that is still not determined.

FOLK Status

FOLK still has its Amazon sales going so we’ll be able to bring in some funds that way.  Our Amazon operation was not located in the library, and remained dry.  We are also looking for some way to collect used book donations to help stock our bookstore when it re-opens. Some of our board members might have to fill their garages up for a few months.

We will find a way and let people know as soon as we can where you can donate books.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, keep those books until we can let you know.  We’ll need them!

FOLK Volunteer

Our Amazon store volunteers continue working.  We may have occasional need for volunteer help until we can get fully operational again in our bookstore.  We maintain our volunteer list and will notify you.  Stay ready!  We will come calling again.

Between this web site and our Facebook page we will try to keep you informed.

We do continue to look for cash donations.  You can do that either by using our PayPal link, or sending a check to our address:

P.O. Box 5353

Kingwood, Texas 77325

You can contact us by using these emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

(Web site) [email protected]

Please help our Kingwood Library Recover

Our library first floor was flooded during the storm.  The Children’s section along with the Friends (FOLK) used book store was severely damaged.

Money is needed to buy Children’s Books. Most of the children’s books have been destroyed. Donations would be appreciated. No books, please. Just money to buy children’s books.  We’ll keep posting as more is known.  At this point FOLK does not have a way of gathering used books to restock the store, but plans will be worked out.

You can donate by using the online link on this web site.


Book donations are being “paused” briefly until we can organize a collection mechanism.


It’s easy to donate online. Click here

if the online link doesn’t work…we’ve had some sporadic trouble, you can mail checks to:

P.O. Box 5353

kingwood, Texas 77325