Our Price List

New release hardback and trade back books – $3
Table top books – $3
Hardback books – $2
Paperback & trade back books – $1
Older hardback and trade back books – $.50
Older paperback books – 4 for $1
Small hardback books – $.50
Kids hardback books – $1
Kids softback books – $.50
Magazines – $.50
Music CD’s – $.50
Movie DVD’S – $1
Books on CD & DVD TV series – $3
Puzzles/Games – $1

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Professional Books Needed

In addition to selling used books, CDs and DVDs in the bookstore, FOLK sells many professional and other non-fiction books in its online bookstore. These books can sell for much more online than in the FOLK Used Bookstore or in a commercial used bookstore. The group currently needs donations of engineering, chemical and petrochemical books, textbooks, computer books and manuals (later than 2007), foreign language, cookbooks and instructional materials.

If you’re cleaning out your supply of professional books, consider bringing them to the FOLK Used Bookstore at the Kingwood Branch Library, 4400 Bens View Lane, and receive a donor receipt to use when filing tax returns. If you have a large donation, please call ahead so our volunteers can make space for your collection. Call 281-360-6804 or email [email protected].

With the proceeds from the bookstore and other monetary donations from the community, FOLK helps the library continue its role as an excellent cultural facility.